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Cast Member tips: Landing a job at Sephora!

Cast Member tips: Landing a job at Sephora!


Hi everybody!

I've recently received an overwhelming number of questions in regards to getting a job at Sephora. As a retired Sephora cast member, I thought it'd be beneficial (and easier for me lol) to just right a post about it and share what my experiences were like! A little bit of background, I worked for Sephora for about half a year in a full time position as a Fragrance Consultant back in 2015. It wasn't easy getting the job but it also wasn't rocket science. The hiring process took about 5 weeks and 3 interviews. And again, I speak from experience, it's not necessary that everyone has or will experience this same pattern. It was a bit of a lengthy process but definitely worth it!

Soooooo here it is! Landing a job at the Makeup Mecca of the World: Sephora!


  • Sephora only accepts electronic applications via their website. This might vary depending on which side of the globe you're on but for the most part you can find all their opportunities here.

  • Keep in mind that Sephora is a retail environment which means that flexibility is pretty important. The more availability you can provide, the better (if you’re trying to land a front-store retail position).

  • One great thing about their application process is that you can save information for later if you need time to complete it so don't stress if you don't have all your references and info on hand!


  • Dope! You got through the initial gate and now have your first interview! My first interview was generic and was compiled of very simple questions.

  • Click here for tons of Sephora interview questions to help prepare you for the real deal!

  • If your process is anything like mine, then you'll have one generic interview, a second group interview, and a final demo interview.

  • Your demo will be different depending on which position(s) you're applying for. For example, it is common for a Fragrance Consultant candidate to showcase a sales demo of selling a perfume to a "client" (usually another Sephora team member).

Do's & Don'ts for the Interviews

The Do's

  • Do ask questions in your interview with respect to the job, the company or even just to make conversation with the interviewer.

  • Do dress like you're already working there. This is your time to glam up!

  • Do take an extra hard copy of your originally submitted resume and cover letter (you never know when you could be just 'that' much more convenient to the interviewer).

  • Do wear black. Sephora employee colors are black (not to be confused with dark grey, been there, done that, not right!) and red.

  • Do take time to think before answering your questions. Interviews can be intimidating. Relax, take a deep breath and just think. You can even throw in sentences like "that's an interesting question, let me just think about that for 30 seconds" or "may I get a few seconds to think about this". There's a fine line between being unprepared and accumulating thoughts, and if you've prepared from beforehand then your interviewer will be able to tell the two apart so don't fret!

  • Do be yourself. It's so important to be transparent when it comes to any interview. The ultimate goal is for the interviewer to get to know you past your typed out resume and cover letter.

The Dont's 

  • Don't ask about wage. I know it's the number one thing on the top of your list of things to know when getting a new job, but this is not typically socially acceptable and may come off as arrogant.

  • Don't belittle anyone or other brands. Bad mouthing MAC Cosmetics or another well established makeup brand that may be a competitor for Sephora is only going to make you look rude and disrespectful (one of Sephora's core values is respect!).

  • Don't ask about "discounts" and "free products". Again, you haven't really landed the job so it's not your place to know all this internal information. But to satisfy your curiosity, I can tell you that the discount which I got was 20% and 40% off for branded and Sephora branded products, respectively. And yes, you do get free products that are known as gratis.

  • Don't give closed ended and short answers. The interview is where they really see who you are because they want to know if you will adapt and fit in with their company culture. The less information you give, the less they will know about you.

  • Don't just stand around when waiting for your interviewer in store. Play with the products, look around and smile at anyone that you make eye contact with.

  • Don't chew gum. UGH! This is such a common interview mistake!! I know you want to be courteous and maintain good hygiene before your interview but there are other ways to achieve that rather than chewing while answering questions. Brush your teeth, have a mint before hand, etc. Just don't chew gum!

Finally, make sure to follow-up after your interview. Email or call in after about a week and a half if you haven't heard back. It's not rude, it's not obnoxious, matter of fact, if anything, its posing convenience for the hiring manager. My go-to line is:

"Hi, my name is Hajira. I had an interview with you on [insert date] for the position of [insert hiring position]. I just wanted to do a quick follow-up and see if you needed any further information on my part? I'd be more than happy to provide it!"

Short, sweet and if you notice, it's structured in a way where you're offering to help the hiring manager rather than just directly asking a question and wanting an answer. 

Those are my tips for now! Good luck m'loves! I hope you achieve whatever opportunity it is that your heart desires. Aim for the sky!

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