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The North American Pakistani

The North American Pakistani

Dear Diary,

How different are a lemon and lime? Size-wise, pretty much the same. Category-wise, citrus? Even their texture is made up of the same composition. So if a lemon and lime share such similar characteristics then why are they still so different? It's the same question I ask myself when I drape my Pakistani shawl across my American Eagle t-shirt. 

Chai or Coffee?

Bindhi's or Bikini's?

Rooh-Hafza or Rum?

Segregation or Assimilation?

Lemon or Lime?

There's this entire group of first generations that have this conflict. Perhaps more of a conflict for others than for some, but it's definitely prevalent. 

Arguably, our parents had it rough coming to foreign land in hopes of a better tomorrow for their kids. But, it must not be overlooked that those "kids" are now caught between two cultures and lifestyles that are complete polar opposites. 

On one end you've got these kids growing up to appreciate and enjoy the luxury of North American traditions and norms. But at another end you've got immigrant parents fearing the loss of their culture and tradition resulting in excess exposure of historic rituals. 

There's no balance. 

It's really up to us to attain the balance that we want. Some prefer their ethnic roots more than others while some prefer to identify as nothing but North American. And it's fine. To each their own. We must listen and respect one another's choices but never dictate their decisions. 

So what are you?

Lemon, lime, or both?

Cast Member tips: Landing a job at Sephora!

Cast Member tips: Landing a job at Sephora!

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